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LIFE Groups

Doing LIFE Together @ Lighthouse UMC

Small groups of Christians gathering for encouragement, service, and learning have been at the center of Jesus’ plan to redeem the world since he himself walked the earth.


Jesus chose a small group of disciples to teach, share life with, and send out in ministry.


Carrying on Jesus’ ministry after his death, resurrection, and ascension, scores of individuals were coming to faith in Christ in the book of Acts. Their first stop was into a small group with other Christians.


Small groups were also the primary catalyst of the early Methodist movement. Following the pattern of the early church, the first Methodists gathered together to stay in love with God, do good, and do no harm.


We continue in that tradition here at Lighthouse Church. Our LIFE Groups meet for the same purposes. Check out the information on our LIFE Groups below and find the right one for you! (And if none of these days and times work for you, let us know and we’ll start a new one just for you!)


A typical LIFE Group meeting includes casual conversation, news about service opportunities, and prayer. Our groups are also intentional about building relationships and reaching out to others, so they are in ongoing planning for monthly group outings and projects.


The majority of the time in our LIFE Group gatherings is devoted to discussing the previous Sunday’s sermon. The conversation is casual for people who may not have heard the sermon or for people who have come with other matters of life and faith to discuss.


LIFE Group gatherings are no more than an hour. Here are some brief descriptions of our LIFE Groups here at Lighthouse Church… 

















Mondays 6:30pm (Zoom)

Group Leaders:

Peter Majewski

Jeffrey Czatt


Our Monday evening LIFE Group gathers at Lakeview Park at

6:30pm when the weather permits (church building otherwise)

and on the first Monday of every month, they share a 6:00 pm

meal at El Patron in Elyria

Tuesdays 10:00am

Group Leaders:

Ellen Fabrizio

Shelly Hill  


Tuesday morning LIFE Group ministers to all creation! They collect pet food and books for children; visit nursing homes and serve the elderly and children in public housing and much, much more! This group gathers for breakfast once each month. They also utilize summer weather for group outings to local parks, river cruises, art museums, etc.

Tuesdays 7:00pm

Group Leader: 

John Prince   


The Tuesday evening LIFE Group partners locally with Good Knights and Second Harvest for service projects and often engages short term studies together


Wednesdays 6:00pm

Group Leaders:

Susan Reinhardt

Wendy Kosakowski

Our Wednesday LIFE Group is our group that works out body and soul! They begin with their exercise program and finish with their group discussions. Sermons and studies are often viewed and discussed on Wednesday evenings after “Walking in Faith!”

Thursdays 6:30pm

Group Leader:

Linda Hall    


The Thursday evening LIFE Group prioritizes fun outings together and short-term studies and they engage in collections of clothing items and such to benefit our local neighbors.


Group Leader:

Mary Fulton           440-985.0927

Rebels for a Cause is a monthly book club that meets at Amherst Panera. Join Mary Fulton as the group dives into books of all kinds. Bring a friend and enjoy coffee and conversation. 

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